If you’re considering selling your house in Boca Raton, you have probably thought about improvements you might like to make to increase your sale value. You know that kitchen and bath updates are the best bets for increasing property value historically, but maybe you only have funds for one ahead of the sale. Which do you choose, a kitchen or bathroom remodel? There are points to consider on both sides.


Bathrooms are usually much smaller spaces, and if you’re just freshening up the space and not changing the footprint, the cost can be more controlled—the national average for a bathroom remodel is $10,289.

By contrast, kitchen remodels run at a national average of $23,199. Your specific costs will depend on factors such as chosen finishes, whether you are changing the footprint, or whether you are updating the appliances.

Life Disruption

How much time do you have for your renovation? The smaller space in a bathroom typically means a remodel can take as little as a couple of weeks, while a kitchen remodels should be assumed to take a minimum of a month (and often takes longer).

The inconvenience of a remodel is something to consider as well. Do you live with others that will be impacted more by one remodel over the other? It’s also worth keeping in mind that for kitchen remodels ; it’s possible to replace many of the functions of the space—such as refrigeration, water, microwave, slow cooker—in other areas of the house. But for bathroom remodels, the space is typically completely out of commission until the work is complete.

Whichever option you are considering, the professionals at Siegel Design Group are ready to help you come up with a great plan that fits your kitchen or bathroom remodel needs perfectly.