When you’re designing a commercial space, you need to think about the function for the people who work there as well as what visitors would want to see. The costs associated with the design should also be considered as some businesses have a budget that they need to consider. As you’re working with a commercial interior design Palm Beach County company, consider some of the latest trends that reflect the desires of the business and that are cost-effective.

Darker colors are a popular trend when deciding on the shades to use in a business. Create a balance of dark colors and those that are of natural hues to highlight the details in the room, such as desks, pictures on the walls, and furniture. If you’re looking for brighter colors, then add a few hints of lime, teal, or orange to bring out the tones of the lighter shades.

When you’re working with a commercial interior design Palm Beach County company, consider the details that you’re going to add to the walls. Images of geometric designs work well in commercial settings as they can be arranged to reflect the branding of the business. Geometric patterns allow businesses to find a design that tells a story in color and images instead of using only words. You can also take this design idea to the floors and walls by using tiles that might not seem as though they match but that are appealing to look at if they are positioned correctly.

A component of interior design in a commercial setting is the furniture. Employees need to be comfortable while they are working, but the furniture needs to stay within the designated budget as well. Chairs with adjustable features as well as desks that can be adjusted in height to allow for either sitting or standing are items to consider including in the business.