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Our passion is beauty with functionality, so we offer solutions that greatly improve spaces making them more accessible, practical and beautiful.

We help clients create environments that will serve them long term, offering great convenience and comfort. Our areas of expertise include, Universal Design, Aging In Place and design for clients with disability.

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Nationally recognized ADA Consultant

I believe that encouraging independence in an aesthically pleasing environment can add to the quality of life, that’s why I’m dedicated to bringing universal design concepts into the home, workplace, hospitality, and healthcare environment.

Properly planned environment is not only safer, but promotes healing, so we are careful to to include design elements which accommodate most of life’s changes including the normal processes of aging.

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Find Beauty and Practicality with Siegel Design Group

Any home design is bound to reflect at some point or another the type of person the homeowner is. After all, our homes are an extension of who we are as people. This doesn’t always mean flashy furniture or design, as long as it reflects our personalities. However, it can be difficult to achieve this on our own. Often, we need the help of an expert to step in and assess the needs of our home and turn our vision into concrete reality.
Siegel Design Group offers interior design services that combine beauty and practicality in one. The two don’t often have to be mutually exclusive, and can often be found in many homes that have an elegant and lively vibe.

Home Elegance

Interior design companies are often responsible for transforming our living quarters from simply being houses where we sleep, to homes where we live in. You may have a vision already in mind, but don’t know where to begin. That’s when interior design companies step in to act as a consultant to your needs. You can convey what you want to be done and what can be further transformed in your home, and they’ll do the job for you.

Functional and Fun

Some people believe that interior design is all about arranging your furniture in a specific order to achieve a semblance of elegance in the home. But it’s much more than that. The commercial interior design combines functionality and style to create a space that you can function in, without compromising the aesthetic of the place. After all, both can and often should go together with each other.
Siegel Design Group is one such interior design company that can turn the random elements in your home into something that’s ultimately and uniquely yours.

Aging in Place and Safety

Siegel Design group is unique from other interior design groups in that it aims to create home designs that are built for aging in place and persons with disability. It offers services such as kitchen and bathroom remodel to accommodate the needs of elderly people and PWDs especially.
There’s no one way to experience a home. Styling your interiors is one way to reflect your personality and let others know the type of person that you are. It can be difficult to put your vision to reality, though, which is why it’s always best to ask the help of a professional.
Siegel Design Group has its doors open for you and can accommodate your inquiries today.



We are a multi-disciplined interior design and construction firm providing exceptional solutions in both residential and commercial projects. Founded in 1972 by Roy and Shelley Siegel, Siegel Design Group has remained a leader in the Design-Build industry.

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Roy Siegel runs a hands on operation. He was a pleasure to work with when he did our pool removal and room extension. Whenever we had a question or there was a little problem, we always had his ear even after the job was completed.

Cheryl and Harvey Lapin, Boca Raton, FL

Roy and Shelley always do a great job. They complete excellent plans, choose aesthetically pleasing colors and finishes and come up with cost-efficient designs for our branches. Both Shelley and Roy of Siegel Design Group are very knowledgeable in working with cities for permits and approvals and both are a pleasure to work with.

Mary Ellen Schuck, City County Credit Union